Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Office Available For Lease - 267 days and counting

Not all office space is created equally...

For those of you working in commercial real estate that may have a client/property owner with office space that they want you to lease for them, one of the first things you do is go out to the property and take some photos.

For future reference...don't bother taking a photo at all if the office looks like this. This office needs a quick face lift with some paint and flooring and hopefully the old desk and debris will be gone before somebody even considers leasing the space.

Convince the property owner to spend minimal dollars to give the office a neutral coat of paint and and hire a company to haul away the trash. If you were listing a house and this was a bedroom in the house do you think a young couple with a small child would fall in love with the house based on this photo???

There are actually two problems with the photo...

  1. The listing agent actually took the photo, reviewed it, and added it to his listing thinking it would attract a business owner to the property.
  2. The listing agent was either not upfront with the property owner about the need to clean up the office before listing it or despite the owner's unwillingness to do just that, the listing agent still took the listing and actually thinks he is going to attract a business owner to the property.
Think about this the next time you go out on a listing appointment.


Chris Lengquist said...

Classic. Maybe there should be a dead rat in the corner to make the photo more exciting. Jeez.

Beland said...

I can't say for sure but if you look closely at the bottom left of the photo, I think there is a lineup of empty beer bottles just outside the door on the bottom shelf.


Congrats, Beland- you Carnie winner! Things are looking good!!!