Monday, May 14, 2007

Economic Development For Your Business

Do you own a business in Leominster or Fitchburg or in any city in Massachusetts for that matter or are you considering going into business for yourself? Were you aware that there was an economic development office at City Hall and that office is there to help you as a business owner.

You may need some financing to purchase new equipment or maybe you've been renting your store front for several years and you're ready to purchase your own building so you need information on an SBA loan. Every day somebody somewhere decides to go into business and more times than not, they aren't armed with the proper tools and resources to be successful. Hopefully if you are considering going into business for yourself or if you already own your own business, you'll seek the help of the following people at City Hall...

If you operate a business in Leominster or are considering starting a new business here, you can contact either Scott Amos or Sandie Chacon. Scott deals mostly with large businesses with a focus on bringing industry to Leominster and working with existing businesses to make sure they have the necessary resources to obtain financing and grants or locate a new facility in the city among other things. Scott can be reached at 978.534.7525 ext. 257

Sandie Chacon works more with the small business community with a focus on the downtown business community and making sure their needs are being met. She can also help local business owners to obtain financing and grants, help a new business owner that wants to open a store in the city but isn't sure where, and she works to promote the local business community. Sandie can be reached at 978.534.7525 ext. 260

In Fitchburg, Scott and Sandies counterparts are Dan Curley and Ellen DiGeronimo. Dan works with larger businesses both looking to locate in Fitchburg as well as existing business owners and Ellen works to promote Fitchburg's downtown and works with small businesses in the area and also new businesses that are looking to locate in Fitchburg. Dan can be reached at 978.345.9602 ext 304 and Ellen can be reached at 978.345.9602 ext. 305

Put a call into your local economic development office. You pay their salaries as taxpayers and have a right to their full array of services as business owners. That's what they're here for after all.

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